Corporate videos

With more than 500 corporate videos from 2009. Tekla has been consolidated into the business sector and marketing communication.

Advertising Spot

The Advertising spot is a message which in a few seconds should communicate about a product or service. Also, you must create emotions and synthesize the product’s qualities.

Emotional video

With the emotional video, the company has the opportunity to tell their own stories, through images that evoke emotions.

Animated Videos

It is about a product made, completely or partially, with animated graphics elements, composition, stop motion and 3D.

3D Video

3D video production

Journalistic services

Tekla has ENG equipment for the production of journalistic services, made by journalists registered in the Albo


A documentary is a production which can have a cultural, informative, social, politic or divulgative focus. Its objective is to express many differents aspects of the human knowledge and society.

TV Format

Tekla studies the strategy and marketing of the project. Collect the funds to produce it through the search of resources, via private partners or public institutions. It also maintains relations with TV channels.

Viral videos

Production of viral videos which must spread very fast through the social media.