Video Production

The quality is the quantity. The idea and the story. The content and the image. That’s how you tell a story.

Cinema and Documentaries

We produce documentaries to SKY ARTE HD, Rai, De Agostini. We write them and occupy in developing the production. Also, we collaborate with another companies, inside and out Europe, in order to participate in all EU media calls.
We do not only tell stories, we also manage them with the propose of bringing young authors, and their scripts, to the screens.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram. To tell your stories, a lot of voices are needed. To talk about a personality, a reputation or a business; social media are a necessary tool.
We know how to use them and we can guide you to develop your sells, as your prestige.

Communication and grafic

Everything is image. Your message, your graphics and your stories can be lost without a good visual impact.


Everything is image. Your message, your graphics and your stories can be lost without a good visual impact.


We have ideas, good ideas. We cultivate them and make them grow, applying our marketing model to your business to improve your sales performance, with publicity, relations and content, we will help you to sell more.

One mission. Tell stories with words and images.

With WordsWith Images

Communicate, create content, distribute it, monitor it, show results.

In Tekla we are specialist in video productions and in content marketing, which means to be able of telling all kind of stories by different technological mediums.

From graphics to words. From webpages to blogs. From pictures to videos.

Tekla is a global partner for those companies that wants to jump above, telling and sharing their own “everyday stories” in order to promote their brand, increase their reputation, develop their sales and be better known in their fields.

What we Do?

We tell stories. With words, with images, with videos. From marketing to videos, going through social media, websites and efficent strategies, that allow us to go from one place to another. That’s how you make a real storie.

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Our partners are enterprices, tv channels, government agencies and business corporation.

Communicate with video

The strongest tool of all

Corporate, commercial and business videos. Short films, animated videos, documentaries, tv format…

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